House for Sale!

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It’s been a little quiet around here lately. This is the busy time of year for me and the design biz, so that’s part of it, but we’re ALSO gearing up for a huge project at home:

house exterior

basement projector


WE’RE MOVING! The house went on the market yesterday! These are listing photos! Aaah!

We bought low in 2012 and now that the market has (quickly) bounced back, we’re flipping the house ahead of schedule. We thought we’d be here until next year, chillin’ with our brand new hardwood floors, but our neighborhood is having a hot streak NOW. So we’re jumping on it.

living room

living room2

Our agent had us stage the dining room as a fake living room. I miss the rug.

The last 10 days have been a mishmash of final details we just hadn’t gotten to yet: updating the last few light fixtures, painting the office gray, getting a new doorknob–and then doing a deep clean and staging the house.

I am exhausted.



upstairs bath


I’ll have a post for you next week about staging a home for sale, because it’s very different than designing for yourself and it was a bonkers adjustment for my brain to make. I’ll also spill the beans about Casa Ronchetti 2.0 when we find it, but that’s a couple of months away. Unless somebody in the equation needs a quick closing. Gaaaaah! One thing at a time, Paige.

It’s going to be a busy summer. Anybody else moving?

House Tour: The Dogtrot

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front of house

This cute little house is something called a dogtrot–two separate living areas connected by a screened porch. These are more popular in the south, where it’s 9 million degrees in the summer, and the idea was that everybody could convene out there to escape the agony of a house without air conditioning. What I DON’T understand is why this is raised to far off the ground. Does it stay cooler? Are they on a flood plain? Is it for maximizing a view? There’s no garage, so maybe they’re just parking the car under the house?

Mysteries of the exterior notwithstanding, this would be a great place to live:



Yaaaaaas. That is a great use of space AND an excellent place to throw a party. That’s actually how I gauge the success of a smaller house like this one: is it little enough for my lazy self to maintain, yet still big enough for company? Boom. Winner.


Helping the room feel airy are the vaulted ceilings and mega-sized windows. If you look at the standard door to the right, and then over to the windows on the left, you’ll see they’re about 8′ tall.

And what’s that? Is that a familiar shoulder and ear peeking out from the painting above?

BETSY COW! You sassy old girl. Nice to see you popping up in somebody’s portfolio.

betsy cow

I also dig the blue-gray trim (and doors). It feels fresh without being too trendy.


That empty wine rack is a bummer.

Let’s talk specifics. The interior square footage is about 1250, and if you add the porch it brings the total living space up to 1556. There are three bedrooms, a bunk loft, and two full bathrooms. And all of that random space under the house for your secret lair.

If you’ll pardon me sounding like a Buzzfeed article for a minute, the master bedroom is giving me ALL THE FEELS.


The happy pillows! The chest of drawers! The old leather bench! The antlers freak me out, but I know I’m in the minority with that trend. Hubsey would like them. He’d probably give them names.

One of the bathrooms. I like the basin and am jealous of the counter space.


Finally, here’s the famous porch that makes this place a dogtrot. Those doors go to additional bedrooms and the second bath, so this is also the world’s biggest hallway.


Totally cute. If I could magically live somewhere warmer, I’d also magically give myself this house. Are you into it? What’s your favorite part? Who else likes a place this size?

All pictures via Small House Swoon.

Dining Room!

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We’re not done, but it’s looking all sorts of better in here. BEHOLD:

dining room progress

New floor! New paint! New rug! Considering the snail’s pace at which we normally work, this has been lightning-fast. Of course, there isn’t any storage, lighting, or artwork yet, but whatever. This is PROGRESS. (It took us two years to finish the basement and I swear on my plate of nachos we’re not doing that again. My goal is August.)

Remember last month when there were ramen noodles all over the floor and everything was brown?

dining room before

Frowny face.

It’s a breath of fresh air now. It also feels a lot bigger, which is kind of funny because it was a large room anyway. I’m glad we went with the same golden oak stain we already had in the kitchen. Dark floors might be trendy, but I have to maximize our piddly natural sunlight as much as I can. Bonus: golden oak works so well with blue.

dining room progress

Let’s talk price, since this has been a monster of a project. Aside from putting the concrete floor in the crawl space (highly recommend!), this is the most expensive thing we’ve done to the house. We hired a crew to install the new floors and refinish the existing hardwoods, and that was obviously the biggest slice of the pie: $2300. It would’ve been a little cheaper if we used an oil-based polyurethane, but we didn’t want the extra fumes hangin’ around and opted for water-based instead. Note: if you’re feeling adventurous and want to tackle this yourself, renting the tools would only set you back a few hundred bucks.

Since the crew was a bit of a splurge, we used some birthday gift cards to cover the baseboards, paint, and underlayment–which saved us about $200. I also got a wee bit intense about finding an affordable rug. We needed a 9×12, so “affordable” is a relative term, but I found THIS piece of majesty for $199:

blue dining room rug

Yaaaaaas. It’s perfect with the floors. And the walls. And the forthcoming artwork we have yet to purchase that is also blue. Now this space coordinates with the rest of the house instead of being a weird eyesore as soon as you walk in.

dining room progress

Rug: AllModern | Paint: Silver Spoon by Olympic | Floors: Floor&Decor

In case you’ve missed anything about the project so far, check out the design inspiration, the overall plan, and some details about hardwood floors in case you, too, want to rip out any shag carpet.

So that’s where we are! We’re trying to figure out exactly what to do for storage on that back wall, and then we can finalize artwork. I’m also spending a lot of time staring at the floors, obviously, because they’re shiny and wonderful. What’s going on at your house? Are you gearing up for any summer projects? May is National Home Improvement month, so now’s the time. Yay!