Client Update: Holly’s House

Of course, RIGHT after I tell you that it will be a while before I have any real client pictures to share, I have some! Thanks, universe.

coastal kitchen

Chandelier: Shades of Light

This is my friend/client Holly’s adorable abode. She and her husband have moved several times and accumulated some excellent furniture over the years (how YOU doin’, dining set?) and I’ve been helping her find the finishing touches for this house. Our photoshoot was unplanned–we were actually meeting up to go see Oklahoma–but a bunch of new stuff had arrived so I busted out my cell phone and here we are.

Among the newbies are the rope chandelier above and jute rug below.

coastal table setting

Rug: Pottery Barn

If I ever do a style 180 and go coastal in my own house, I’m getting fancy seagrass chairs for my dining room, too. Holly already had them and I thought they made such a great focal point that I recommended a simple white mirror for the wall. If everything is eye-catching, then nothing stands out (and it would be an infinite sadness waste those chairs).

coastal dining room

Mirror: Already owned but freshly painted.

Their family room isn’t ready to share yet, but I can give you a sneak peek of the floor since that part is done and lookin’ all cute. Pro tip: if you’re eyeballing a rug from Dash & Albert, their biggest sale of the year is always right before Labor Day. Which I know was recent, but now you have plenty of time to mull over your options before next year.

Coastal Rug

Rug: Dash & Albert

If you’ve ever been curious about what an average project is like for me, this is a pretty good example. It’s a myth that everybody who calls a designer is doing a complete overhaul and starting from zero. I spend a lot of time hunting down accessories and finishing touches, with a handful of major furniture purchases sprinkled in. Sometimes I’ll do a paint color consultation or pick kitchen finishes, but it’s mostly the pretties at the end.

So there you go! A real update with real pictures! Isn’t Holly’s house cute? (YES.) Who else is enjoying a coastal theme? What’s your favorite piece here?

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DIY Standing Desk

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One excellent side effect of scoliosis is that my back lets me know when I’ve been sitting at my desk for too long. Some days I’m able to move around enough and it’s not an issue, but if I have a bunch of design boards to finish, I’m chained to my computer and there’s not much I can do about it.

I’d rather not Quasimodo myself, so I’ve been debating solutions for a while and finally landed on a good one:

DIY standing desk

Short story: I love it so much. Longer version: This was easy to make AND is obviously practical if you’re on the prowl for something to help you stand while working. Even if the universe likes you more and you don’t have back problems, it’s not great for your general health to park yourself in one spot for hours at a time. (Thanks for freaking me out, article.)

Action shot!

DIY standing desk

Poor MEGA DESK still doesn’t have any decorative bits. I’ll get to you eventually, friend.

I still had shoes on when I took this picture because I came back from running errands and the light was PERFECT, so it’s good to know I can also use it with a couple of extra inches on my legs. Most of the time I stand here barefoot and my elbows are at the recommended 90 degree angle. It’s so comfortable. And when I get tired of standing or need to use my sewing machine, I just scoot this out of the way and sit down.

Anyway, all of you should run out and make one. If you can use a drill or know someone who can, you too can enjoy a standing desk. The full tutorial is over on Creative Green Living.

Do you have a standing desk? Ever tried one? Any other members of the delightful scoliosis club?


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It’s the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeaaaaaar! 

Not Christmas, though that’s a close second. It’s FALL! Today is the equinox and I’m ready to dump this lame summer in the ditch and move on. It was short, cold, and rainy (which is typically how we take our spring around here), and ended with a few random weeks of sun-surface temperatures. Ugh. Go away.

Who’s ready for boots and pumpkins and consistent weather? Hilariously, I’m going to be spending the first few days of the season in the sweltering heat of Stockton, California, visiting family. I take off bright and early tomorrow, so I wanted to leave you with a load of DIY and decorating ideas to try while I’m gone. Behold:

fall decorating and DIY

branches  //  wreath  //  fireplace  //  pumpkins  //  tablescape  //  succulents

What’s up, gold pumpkins?! I don’t have time to mess with gold leaf today, alas, but this is getting bumped to the top of my project list upon my return. Too bad we’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year (or the world’s fanciest Halloween party) because those would be so pretty on the table. Speaking of tables and things I don’t need to do to them but find inspiring, the black dishes and fall florals are a very striking combination. Gold flatware isn’t normally my favorite, but it’s a great bit of shine there. Also swell is the pinecone wreath. You guys know that wrangling too much seasonal decor makes my eye twitch, so I like that you could pop this onto your front door and leave it there until spring. Boom. Finally, I love the simplicity of getting some small-ish pumpkins and lining them up. Don’t worry about painting or carving, because we’re about to jet into the busy time of year, just put them in a group and they’ll take care of themselves. (Oh man–have I told you about my magic pumpkin? I got it sophomore year of college kept it on top of our TV, where it didn’t get icky until March. I’d like another one.)

Are you doing any fun projects to celebrate the best season? Who else is feeling black dishes now? Which of these is your favorite?