Spring Fashion

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Now that it’s March, I feel like we’re in the home stretch. Even though I can tell by looking at the forecast that we’re not out of the woods yet, there’s something about getting into this third month that makes it all so much better. It also means that I can talk about spring clothes without feeling like a weirdo, so let’s do that!

I know I won’t get to abandon my sweaters and boots anytime soon (not that I would ever abandon my boots ANYWAY) but if we could transition into some lighter fabrics, that would be super. Being trapped inside has given me lots of time to think about what delightful things I want to wear this spring, and after parking myself in front of the computer for a while the other day, I noticed some repeats. I don’t pay as much attention to clothing trends as I do Things For The House, but these were alllllll up in my business:


Untitled #225


dress  //  clutch  //  shoes  //  blouse  //  earrings  //  skirt  //  gingham blouse  // gingham earrings  //  tote


Large florals, lots of white, and gingham! The gingham surprised me the most. I’ve always liked that pattern, but it’s never been very “trendy” in any part of my life that I remember. Large florals have been creeping back for a couple of years, but you can’t escape them now. At first I wasn’t excited about it because I was reminded of all the ugly stuff I wore during my 90s childhood. (True story: I had white denim shorts covered in pink and orange daisies that I chose to wear with a matching bright pink shirt and some gel sandals. This was also when I had a perm.) The flowers around now are less eye-watering and, I think, easier to wear. I’ve noticed a lot of mostly-white outfits this year, too, which is bad news for a messy eater like me. They’re so glamorous that I’m mentioning them anyway for those of you with better hand-eye coordination.

These actually mesh together pretty well for me, so I had an easy time making a cute outfit involving all three of them. I didn’t do white-on-white because I know myself, but I DID go with a plain white blouse and that’s close enough:


Spring 2015


blouse  //  jeans  //  scarf  //  clutch  //  shoes  //  nail polish  //  bangle  //  earrings


I want to go run errands on foot! And stop for an ice cream cone! And then decide to hit the library on my way back to the car because it’s nice out and why not?! Sigh.

What’s your favorite trend this spring? (I also saw animal print continuing its stronghold, a lot of military-inspired details, and the resurgence of bell bottoms and wide leg trousers–ugh.) Who else is excited about gingham? What are you NOT feeling?

Pinterest Picks

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Happy Friday! It’s been another busy week and I’m rather wiped out. I don’t know WHY I thought my life wouldn’t change much when I started taking local clients, because that’s a mighty big variable to toss around, but it has and I’m all caught off guard about it. Hubsey has been traveling for work a lot lately, too, so things are consistently in a mild state of chaos. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kick back with some Pinterest Picks and let my brain chill.

First, my imaginary BFF Emily Henderson (not to be confused with my other imaginary BFF, Kate Middleton) designed this gorgeous living room/dining room combination and I want all the things. She’s so good at using blue:

blue family room


Have an extreme paranoia about losing your jewelry? I do! It would be less of an issue if I didn’t randomly take things off throughout the house, but whatever. Sometimes earrings poke my head when I’m trying to lounge and watch Netflix and they have to skedaddle. Anyway, here’s a tutorial for making clay jewelry dishes that will mitigate the problem:

DIY ring holder


It wouldn’t be Pinterest Picks if I didn’t show you a kitchen. Look at those navy cabinets!

navy cabinets


If I had the glorious kitchen above, I’d use it to make these sweet potato burgers. (I guess I could also do that in my real kitchen.)

sweet potato burgers


It’s been a very blue roundup today, so let’s end with a stunning cobalt dress. The color is what drew me in, but I also love the sleeve length and oversized pleats on the skirt. It would be good for twirling:

cobalt dress


So what are your plans this weekend? Mine will go a little something like this: new client, happy hour, beer festival. Those are three separate events, by the way. I feel like boozing it up with a client could lead to some wacky design decisions. Stay warm, everybody! I’ll catch you back here on Monday.

I Heart Spring

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Winter, you’re the worst. I’m still getting my corneas blasted by sunlight bouncing off of three-week-old snow, and then the rest of me gets an icy caress from sub-zero wind chills and leaving the house turns into A Huge Ordeal. I can handle snow or cold weather when they show up separately, but this year has been the grossest combination of both and I’m just done. (Plus, everybody we know keeps getting sick, including us. Yaaaay…)

When is Spring? Can we just pretend it’s here? After I woke up yesterday to a wind chill of -20, I started thinking of ways to spring-ify the house and ignore the BS happening outside. Snow piles, what?

My first suggestion is to brighten your day with a DIY project. Do you want to know what some brilliant person made these vases out of? PVC pipe spray painted gold! And then placed over small drinking glasses holding water for the flowers. GENIUS. These are cute as everyday decor but they’d be great centerpieces, too, especially if you vary the heights.



Next, buy a pink chair! (Hahahaha.) Actually, you could switch out a couple of throw pillows. This is my old standby when I get crabby during terrible, blizzard-y weather. It’s amazing how a few brighter pillows can make your whole family room a little happier. If you have colorful glassware or artwork in a closet somewhere, you could bust those out, too, and make it a party.



This one doesn’t always occur to me in real life because we’re the kind of people who keep all of our fruit in the fridge, but an easy and free way to add some color to your dreary kitchen is with a bowl of oranges/lemons/apples/mangoes. I adore the grey and white palette here (it is, like gum, perfection) but since those colors are all I see when I look out the window, the zip of orange reminds me that it will eventually get warmer.



Fresh flowers are another easy mood booster, especially since they’re looking a little less dead at the grocery store these days. Trader Joe’s has an excellent selection right now and you can get a small bouquet for about $4. Bonus points if you have some pretty blue and green vases to stick them in:



Finally, I just wanted to include this room because it’s basically one giant sun puddle. It does have a couple of things I mentioned above–happy throw pillows and a bowl of fruit–but it’s the overall vibe I like. I want to go to there.



How are you coping with the post-holidays part of winter? Is there a bunch of old snow on the ground at your house, too? Who else has the joy of wind chill advisories every other day? Why don’t we all move to the tropics? Giant blog party on the beach!