Shop Update: Craft Show Edition

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A couple of months ago I chatted about getting more inventory into the Etsy shop. I had a pile of fabric, including some holiday colors, and things were lookin’ good. I even made a bunch of stuff, but if you’ve poked around the shop lately you know there’s not anything new. So what’s my deal?

I got accepted to three craft shows! And since these are the first events I’ve done since I hung up the ol’ jewelry-making tools, I had to start building THAT inventory from scratch. I only had four weeks to prep for the first one (which is November 1st!) so this has pretty much taken over my life. I’m not complaining, though; it’s been fun to spend a chunk of most workdays making new products. I’ve shared a couple of things on Instagram already, but today I have a better preview of what’s to come. SO EXCITED.

Reversible Cloth Napkins

Aside from the pillows, I’ve been busting out reversible cloth napkins. I have a lot of patterns, including some pretty red and green for Christmas, but the rather dramatic one-of-a-kind set above is my FAVORITE. It wouldn’t be so limited if I had my way, but it looks like the chevrons are out of stock in that color and I don’t know when they’ll be back. Womp, womp.

I’m also introducing some non-fabric goodies that I whipped up for stocking stuffers. Ever since I made those epic napkins I’ve been in a pink zone, so I busted out some coordinating paint and dipped the ends of wooden spoons. So far they’re available in five other colors, too, including gold:

Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons

Also in the stocking stuffer category are glittery clothespins for hanging pictures or holiday cards (a bit o’ pink here, too):

Glitter Clothespins

And some non-sparkly options for those among us who don’t feel like blingin’ it up:

Patterned Clothespins

I will be getting everything online in the next week-ish (for real this time!) but if you’re local you can eyeball everything in person at one of the shows:

Vendor and Craft Fall Bazaar
Saturday, November 1st
Joliet Catholic Academy

TJ Vendor and Craft Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, November 15th
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Plainfield)

Holiday Arts Extravaganza
Saturday, December 6th
Streamwood High School

Have you been making holiday inventory yet? Do you have any shows coming up? Even if you’re not a maker, do you know of any awesome shows in your area? Who else can’t believe it’s time for this already?

Pinterest Picks

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Happy Friday! It doesn’t happen very often, but I have Pinterest Picks for you two weeks in a row. Normally I try to spread them out a little, lest I fly to close to the sun and ruin a good thing, but I just kept finding cool stuff and didn’t want to wait.

First of all:

As If Print


I had some delicious baked crab rangoon last weekend at happy hour and was lamenting my lack of knowledge for making them myself when the universe did me a solid and popped these onto my feed. This version has avocado and I think my brain is going to explode:

Crab and Avocado Wontons


Her side ponytail makes me with I didn’t chop off all of my hair. Also, that’s a great blouse.

Black Outfit


I just can’t quit you, tulip table. (Hilariously, this picture is actually from a product listing for the starburst mirror, which is ALSO lovely, but I didn’t even notice it up there until I clicked through. Ha ha.)

Tulip Table


This is a DIY cocktail kit as a groomsman gift, but I think it would work for a lot of other occasions, too. Tired of bringing a bottle of wine to housewarming parties? Boom. Have a hard-to-buy-for dude in your life? Problem solved. Do you like booze and snack foods? Treat yo’self.

DIY Cocktail Kit


I can’t stop laughing at the As If print. I want that for the family room but I’m running out of walls down there. DECISIONS. So what are you doing this weekend? We’re heading to my parents’ house to celebrate Mom’s birthday, visiting my grandma, and doing the usual football watching on Sunday. It’s been raining all week here (which makes me le tired), so I’m hoping we can catch some sun on the drive downstate. I’ll be back again on Monday with a shop/craft show/new stuff I’ve been making update. There’s been more glitter.

Our #1 (Ceiling) Fan

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We made another teensy bit of progress in our room! That’s two projects in a row! (We can’t really say we ignore the upper half of the house anymore, can we?) Say hello to our snazzy new ceiling fan:

Modern Ceiling Fan

Ignore that tan blob around the mounting plate. Now we know the color of the original ceiling.

I should warn you up front that this isn’t an instructional post. Mr. Fan had 900 little parts to assemble first and it got dark before Hubsey finally attached him to the ceiling, which meant I had to hold the flashlight instead of the camera. The instructions in the box were good, though, so if you end up getting one of these attractive specimens for yourself, you’ll be fine.

Let’s take a gander at the old fan we inherited from the previous owners. Note the chippy paint on the end of the blades and flower-shaped light covers:

ceiling fan before

It’s rare that something about the house bugs Hubsey more than it bugs me, but that fan was one of them. I didn’t love the thing, but I was able to ignore it after a while. Maybe because they painted it white? I don’t know. For some reason my brain was like, “Meh, not a priority.” But now that we have the new one up there lookin’ all cute, I’m glad he was annoyed enough to get the ball rolling. I could’ve easily pretended it wasn’t there for another year.

Modern Ceiling Fan

There’s not a ton of contrast in our room (yet) so I’m glad to get something a little darker in the mix. Now that we’ve settled on the big stuff–wall color, bedding, this fan–I want to get into some real decorating. Most of the artwork is stuff I just threw up there because I was tired of looking at nothing, so now I want to do it right. I wouldn’t mind finding some accessories for the dresser, either.

Modern Ceiling Fan

Oh yeah, and we have to paint the ceiling. Can’t leave that ring o’ tan around the cover plate! Maybe we’ll flip a coin: one person has to paint the ceiling and the other can rake leaves. That sounds equally terrible, right?

Have you ever installed a ceiling fan? Do you even have them in your house? (Stylistically I’d prefer something else, but it gets enough here that we need them.) What quirk about your house can you magically ignore?

DIY Rocker Costume

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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Let me tell you about my costume, because it’s been quite the adventure. I was originally in a bit of a pickle because I made the rules of my spending freeze too strict and couldn’t buy a Beetlejuice outfit (whoopsie!), but then I heard about Tulip Body Art and the lightbulb went ON:

DIY Rocker Costume

Amazing glitter tattoos? YES. A smorgasbord of black items that were already in my closet? Yeppers. Getting to pretend I’m totally inked for a day? You betcha! Part of me (mostly the younger part) has always wanted to get more tattoos–I do have a real one that you, ironically, can’t see here–but I never got around to it. This was a fun way to play the “what could have been” game without too much of a commitment. Ha.

The tattoos were easy to apply (more on that in a second) and they stick really well so you don’t have to worry about stray sparkles getting everywhere. I obviously used them as part of a larger theme, but they could also be fun for people who aren’t so into costumes but still want to be festive.

So here’s how to put them on. I had a glitter tattoo kit, plus an extra packet of stencils since I was going to need multiple designs.

DIY Rocker Costume

The tattoo kit comes with two colors of glitter, some adhesive, a small brush, and a couple of stencils. You can freehand some designs if you want, but I didn’t trust myself to make anything symmetrical and just stuck with the stencils. There was plenty of variety.

DIY Rocker Costume

First, I chose an image and put the stencil on my arm. It had a sticky back for which I was thankful because we all know that nothing is worse than a stencil that scoots around. Once it was placed, I dabbed on the adhesive.

DIY Rocker Costume

Next, I used the little brush add some glitter. As with the adhesive, I dab-dab-dabbed it on there. That will give you better coverage than a sweeping motion.

DIY Rocker Costume

You might be thinking that I’m a weirdo for not cutting up the stencil first, but look: keeping it all in once piece acted like a glitter shield so I didn’t end up with random sparkles all over my arm. I just peeled the whole thing off and most of the stray glitter went with it.

DIY Rocker Costume

My lovely assistant (you might also know him as Hubsey) was home when I did this, so he busted out his mad skillz and put together a hyperlapse of the process:

Ta da! Nice and crisp. I did the same thing several more times for Halloween spirit instant street cred.

DIY Rocker Costume

Here are some shots of the whole getup. I felt totally boss.

DIY Rocker Costume

DIY Rocker Costume

I’ll let you know if I end up adding anything to this (maybe a streak of color in my hair?) but I think it’s pretty much done. We got invited to two costume parties this year and I’m STOKED. Now I need to convince Hubsey to do something similar so we can go as a matching unit… Is your costume figured out yet? Will you be busting out any face paint or fake tattoo action? Can you believe I even owned the clothing to make this outfit possible? I look like this approximately 0% of the time. Who else kind of wishes they had more tattoos everyday?

This post is sponsored by Tulip Body Art. All opinions, project ideas, and photos are my own. To see the latest goodies from Tulip, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their blog.

Pinterest Picks

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Happy Friday! This has been a long week of craft show prep and neglecting all other things. Don’t ask me how many times we ordered carry-out, or how long that basket of laundry has been sitting on the floor waiting to be folded. You can, however, ask me for some Pinterest Picks to start the glorious weekend because I do have those ready. Behold!

What do you get when you cross midcentury shapes, plaid fabric, and neutral colors? My NEW LOVE. Come here, chair, so I can pet your fabric and whisper sweet nothings to you. I promise that won’t be weird.

Retro Plaid Chair


Hey, I can replicate this entire outfit! Well, I guess I don’t have the Rapunzel hair anymore, because it was driving me bonkers and it never looked like Kate Middleton’s, but everything else is legit. Twinsies!

Neutral Outfit


When we were looking at houses a couple of years ago, we came upon a little ranch from the ’40s that still had the original kitchen. The stove was a lot like the one below except it was green(!) and you had to light it with a match. That was kind of a dealbreaker (the match problem, not the color) and I’m a little bummed because I love how these look. Obviously I wouldn’t say no to a white one should it ever cross my path:

Retro Stove


Mmmmm, fancy grilled cheese with mushroom, garlic, and provolone on multigrain bread. I’m hungry.

Grilled Cheese


Not that I intend to take up quilting at any point while I’m still a breathing human who lives on Earth, but I do love this modern design done in traditional fabrics. All of the negative white space really appeals to me, too.

Modern Quilt


So, what are you doing this weekend? I… don’t even remember what we’re supposed to be doing, this week was so long. Wait, I take that back! I’m going to happy hour and a scary movie with a friend tonight. We’re seeing Annabelle, which is about an antique doll. I think those are creepy anyway but this one is nefarious and sneaky, apparently. I’ll tell you how it is. See you on Monday with a costume update!