DIY Midi Skirt

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Why, hello! Are you here to admire my new DIY midi skirt? Let me stand in the basement and model it for you:

DIY Midi Skirt

Before we jump in, if you’re here for instructions let me direct you this way because I don’t have any. This was my first time making clothing from scratch–as opposed to tailoring an existing piece to fit my gangly frame–and I was 80% sure there would be some wonky fit issues so I didn’t bother photographing the process. Hubsey even wandered in while I was working and asked if he should take a picture of me, and I was like, “Nah, whatever.” LESSON LEARNED.

So, no official tutorial, but I can tell you a few things about the skirt in general. It’s a polyester knit, which feels like a cloud and has enough give that I can just step into it. Because the fabric is so stretchy, I had to make the waist smaller than its actual measurement to keep the whole thing from sliding off. I adjusted by about 2″. This took almost two yards of fabric because I’m tall and I wanted to attempt a circle skirt (less work, keepin’ it real), but you could make a non-circle version with less yardage and more seams.

DIY Midi Skirt


DIY Midi Skirt

Full disclosure: I did goof up the hem a little bit in a wiggly line sort of way. The length itself is even all the way around (I checked) but I was caught off guard by the slipperiness of the fabric and the stitches are wavy. Thankfully, there’s a lot of volume here and you can’t really tell, but I may re-do it down the road anyway.

I guess I could show you how it looks from the front:

DIY Midi Skirt

t-shirt: Target  //  skirt: meeeeeee!  //  shoes: Clarks  //  watch: Aldo

I’m actually wearing this right now as I type and I don’t want to take it off. I made it on Friday afternoon–on a whim!–and have already worn it twice, so maybe I should stop computering and go whip up some more. (Black would be practical and I wouldn’t say no to OXBLOOD either.) This was way more successful than my OTHER spontaneous idea to bake cauliflower biscuits; they are soggy boogers. Skirt: 1 Cooking: 0

What have you been making lately? Have you ever attempted clothes from scratch? Who else has made a circle skirt? Shall we twirl around on a mountaintop together?

And Then We Built More Furniture

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We already built a bench for inside the house, so I guess it’s only fair that we make one for the yard, too:

DIY Outdoor Bench

Actually, there are two! And now that we’re done with these we might add another set of twins to the mix because this experience was even easier than making Benchy McSeat for the basement. More time-consuming, yes, but since I didn’t have to worry about perfectly lining up a fabric pattern while I stapled it down, this one gets the trophy.

I need to give West Elm half-credit for the design because I kept eyeballing this bench and wishing it wasn’t colors that clash with our yard space. (And also not $700.) Our version doesn’t have the angled legs, either, partially because we don’t have a miter saw, but mainly because I’d rather drop a taco on the floor than do geometry. Rectangular legs are just fine for me, thanks! Now that we’ve made those changes the benches are only KIND OF similar, but I wanted to shout-out the inspiration anyway in case one of you is feeling fancy and wants to purchase.

Hop over to Creative Green Living to see the full tutorial. It’s only five main steps and one of them is painting, but you’ll still feel like a boss when they’re done and you can say you’ve built more furniture. Have you been busting out the power tools lately? What’s on your deck? (We’re going to attempt a table next. Eeeep!) Have you ever made a knockoff of something you saw at the store?

Back to School Cool

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back to school 2015tote bag  //  coffee mug  //  weekly planner  //  desk trays  //  pencil bags  //  leather clutch  //  book darts

Nobody at our house is going back to school, but I still like to poke around for new office supplies this time of year. I guess I could look at them ANYTIME since I have an office and use it everyday, but I’m more into this as we head into fall. Old habits die hard.

The first thing(s) I want to talk about are all of the bags that made it into the mix. Hey, tote bag! Hey, pencil cases! Hey, leather clutch that might actually be a purse but I’m choosing to use for desk organization! I have a white box that sits on MEGA DESK and acts as a catchall because there aren’t any drawers, and I love that system, but the interior needs a little sorting. Bags will be perfect. I’m also in the market for some simple trays because one can never have too many places to store things. I also feel like poor MEGA DESK is still so bare that a pretty tray or two will help things feel a little more put together. Switching gears, that weekly planner is adorable and I dig the landscape configuration (layout? I’m not up on the vocab). Finally, this will sound insane, but I’m already mulling over potential Christmas ideas for people since I hate rushing to do it all at once, and I think the book darts and motivational coffee mug are going to make the cut. I wouldn’t kick either of those out of bed myself, especially the darts.

Are you drooling over school/office supplies right now, too? Anybody else kind of wish they were still in school? (I’ll always miss it. Le sigh.) What’s your favorite thing here?