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Happy Friday! This was my first normal week since I got accepted to those holiday craft shows (I don’t have another one until December 6th), so as much as I’ve been enjoying the sewing marathons, it was nice to get other stuff done. We picked up goodies for the office project, did some cleaning, and had our act together enough to cook real food at home everyday. Oh! And laundry! I feel so accomplished. Let’s celebrate with a virtual high-five in the form of Pinterest Picks.

Seeing this DIY for Christmas village stamps reminded me that I’m going to have to bust out my holiday decorations soon and I’ve given it zero thought. And we never did buy another Christmas tree after we gave the old one to my sister. Whoops! I’ll figure it out.

Christmas Village Stamp


Three words that I never thought to combine before, but are obviously a magical pairing: cheesesteak stuffed mushrooms.

stuffed mushrooms


Fancy animals, all dressed up for the holidays! I like the monocle on Mr. Owl.

animal mugs


It’s been a while since I showed you a white kitchen and I’d hate for you to think I don’t like them anymore. Actually, my favorite parts of this room are the big ol’ island and three-legged stools, neither of which are white, anyway. Go figure.

Rustic Kitchen


The Nordstrom website calls this color “Dark Garnet Suede” but I’m going to say it’s Oxblood because that sounds more dramatic, like something from Downton Abbey. Mary would be like, “Carson, none of the maids can find my OXBLOOD shoes!” And Carson would be all, “Lady Edith wore them in the mud and then threw them into the fire!” (I can literally see both of those things happening.) But for real, picture these with dark skinny jeans and a white blouse. I think I’ll add them to my list of things to buy when the spending freeze ends.

Oxblood Flatssource

So what are you up to this weekend? My mom and sister are coming to town for our annual Christmas shopping expedition, in which we try to get as many gifts figured out as possible in one day. I’m buying a handful of things on Etsy, as usual, but it’s hard to get EVERYTHING online, you know? I’d like to make some stuff, too, so I actually need to sit down and do it because, suddenly, Thanksgiving is next week. Gaaaaah! The holiday sneak begins! I’ll catch you back here on Monday with a DIY project that would make a great gift, so hopefully we can all get one thing crossed off our lists.

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Handmade Gift Guide + A Giveaway!

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You know what tends to get overlooked in gift guides this time of year? The little items. Cute, fun things that are great for people who only require a small gift anyway–like neighbors or a teacher–or things that make good stocking stuffers. I’ve done it, and for that I apologize to my tiny friends. I didn’t mean to leave you out. To make up for it, today I have a group of killer Etsy items that are all $15 or less. (And a chance to win them all, woooo!)

From my shop there are the paint-dipped wooden spoons. I’m partial to the gold because SPARKLES, but they’re available in a handful of other colors, too. I also wanted to toss out the idea of using the glitter clothespins as place card holders, either for Thanksgiving or Christmas/Hanukkah dinner. I hadn’t thought about doing that until a smart customer pointed it out as she was buying them at the show last weekend. Total genius move. I love my shoppers.

 Handmade Giveawaysource

This little zip pouch would be so handy for holding loose change, kleenex, gum… Basically, if you know someone who carries a purse or a backpack, this would be a totally practical choice. That’s such a pretty shade of green, too.

Handmade Giveaway


Have you heard that, allegedly, this winter is supposed to be all polar vortex-y again? That’s the word on the street (and by “street” I mean “the Farmer’s Almanac”) and I’m a bit concerned. I love the idea of giving bright, happy scarves to friends as a way to get them through what’s coming. I own several from this shop and they’re so soft.

Handmade Giveaway


How unusual, I found more GOLD! We’re not great at remembering to send out annual Christmas cards, but I do keep them around for packaging gift certificates. (If you’re more on the ball with your mail-sending, then obviously you could also use these for that.) I love the modern ornament silhouettes.

Handmade Giveaway


Finally, it’s hard to go wrong with festive jewelry. These are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, or as a little something for a babysitter or co-worker. Since they come in a bunch of other colors, too, you can get several pairs for an earring extravaganza.

Handmade Giveaway


Now that your gift-giving wheels are spinning, let me tell you what ELSE is going on with these items:


Handmade Giveaway

One lucky person will win allllllll of the great stuff I just told you about–a prize worth over $60! Woot! This giveaway is open to worldwide residents and you can enter using the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be chosen and announced next Wednesday, November 26th. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Light Up Your Look with One Kings Lane

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I find it delightful when my past meshes with the present. The kind people at One Kings Lane emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I wanted to put together a little somethin’-somethin’ about chandeliers being the jewelry of decor. And I was like, “You guys, I used to make jewelry for a living!” They’ve either been spying on me or we’re having a collective MIND MELD about things we find cool. I’m good with either scenario.

So, let’s chat about putting the finishing touch on a look, whether it’s on your person or in your home.

light up your look

chandelier  //  earrings  //  necklace  //  bangle  //  rings

The ways I decorate Casa Ronchetti and bejewel myself are pretty similar: clean lines, a lot of neutrals, bits of sparkle–hence the double-duty collection of lighting and jewelry here. I like a bit of metallic for a polished look in both situations, so that was the obvious choice when I was mulling over inspiration for this post. The glint of metal just makes a look feel DONE to me so I use it all the time: we put a shiny chrome faucet in the new bathroom, and I like to dress up jeans and a t-shirt with a couple of gold necklaces.

To illustrate the power of metal, here’s a dining room that’s lovely, but think about how strange it would look without its ceiling jewelry. (Scroll to cover it up. Weird, right?)

light up your look3


Aside from providing light–because who wants to eat in the dark like it’s Medieval Times?–the chandelier helps balance out the large artwork and adds some warmth in the upper half of the room where there are a lot of cool shades. I also like that it’s on the traditional side of the coin, just like the space itself, but isn’t too stuffy or dripping with crystals. It’s the right amount of glitter.

Likewise, this outfit, though made entirely of neutrals and therefore awesome, would be kind of snooze-y without the stack of bracelets:

light up your look2


They’re interesting and sparkly, but not in a way that will blind the people who shake your hand. If they weren’t there, I would be way less interested in the whole look (though I would still want the purse, let’s be real).

Have you noticed any similarities between your personal style and your house? What kind of room jewelry do you like to use when decorating? Are you into metallic things, too? Should we start referring to jewelry as “body chandeliers?” (YES.) What’s your favorite light fixture at your house?

This post was done in collaboration with One Kings Lane.

Shop Update!

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Happy Friday! Normally I like to bring you Pinterest Picks today, but since I’m running around doing some last-minute show prep before tomorrow, I’m going to keep it short and sweet instead. New goodies have been trickling into the Etsy shop (not magically, I’m listing them, though it WOULD be totally dope if it happened by itself) so I thought I’d show you the latest. It’s a cloth napkin party!

cloth napkins

Retro Christmas Napkins

cloth napkins

Turquoise Flower Napkins

cloth napkins

Arrow Napkins

cloth napkins

Pink Chevron Napkins

The red pattern at the top is my favorite, but I dig all of them. Hubsey keeps telling me how GREAT the orange ones are, so I think I’ll have to whip up another batch for his stocking. If you’re local, here’s the show info if you want to drop by tomorrow and get your shop on (we’d love to see you there!).

TJ Vendor and Craft Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, November 15th
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School – Plainfield

So what are you up to this weekend? Aside from doing the show, we might be popping into the blue and yellow palace to stock up on things related to MEGA DESK (and the office makeover in general, I suppose). I’ll catch you back here on Monday with a post about chandeliers. Woo!

My Poor Neglected Office

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It probably doesn’t look like it, but my barren wasteland of an office is actually making some progress:

office before

office mid2

It’s a blank slate! With a pile of yet-to-be-hung artwork in the corner! Wooooo! Since I mentioned progress, that implies there’s a before picture. Behold:

office before

Pardon the terrible iPhone picture. My bad.

Considering that this has been our dumping ground for over two years, I guess it could’ve been a lot worse in here, but it still felt like a Nothing Room instead of a place where I could get all of my work done (I sit in here when I write, but my sewing machine is currently taking over the dining room). The daybed is a stray leftover from our family room in the condo, and we plunked it up here when we moved because I was TRYING to make this into a den/office combination. That was as far as I got with the idea, though, because as you can see I ran off to work on other parts of the house and left this room to die. Aside from painting the walls and making a bulletin board, I’ve left it alone.

Until now! Things are about to get real up in hurr because I’m tired of having little bits of my work life all over the house. The room needs to have space for me to sew, write, package orders, and do assorted DIY projects, plus all of the related storage that comes with that stuff. It would also be nice if Hubsey could have a little nook of his own since he works from home with me on Fridays and has taken to wandering the house with his laptop. We mulled over a couple of ideas, but after some brainstorming over dinner last night we busted out the measuring tape and I sketched an actual plan:

office plan

Mega Desk will be big enough for me to spread out Monday-Thursday when I’m in here alone, and then on Fridays I can scoot over a little so Hubsey can plug in, too. There’s going to be a “reading” area by the window, which will most likely be where one of us will sit with a computer, but a girl can dream. We’re hanging onto the Expedit that’s already in here because why would you ever get rid of one? It’s going to be storage central, but I also plan to work in some other kind of shelving as the legs for Mega Desk since I need a lot.

As far as the decor goes, I want a piece of dramatic, oversized artwork on the desk wall. I haven’t decided if we should go with a map, a print, or a DIY painting, but there’s going to be a lot of real estate to fill. I’ve been eyeballing stuff similar to these two spaces:

office ideas1


office ideas2


Although, let’s be real, artwork is coming later. I need to build Mega Desk first! Or should I say, MEGA DESK. (I’m so excited!)

Are you doing any room overhauls now that we’re all trapped inside avoiding the cold weather? What’s your office like? Do you have a MEGA DESK? What’s been the saddest, most neglected room at your house?