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I love my plate wall so much I posted in front of it. Nerd for life.

Greetings and welcome to Little Nostalgia! I’m Paige. I’m 30 and I live in the Chicago ‘burbs with my husband Nathan. We have no kids and no pets, so that affords us plenty of time for eating spicy food and looking for bargains.

Little Nostalgia began as a way for me to stave off boredom at my former day job, but when I went back to school for interior design in 2011, the blog changed with me. These days the blog is about making yourself at home through DIY projects, decor inspiration, and personal style. I believe that you can love where you live, whether you’re in your dream home or a tiny rental.

Little Nostalgia has a loyal (and delightful!) readership and gets over 10,000 page views per month, not counting those who check in on RSS feeds or email subscriptions. I’ve been lucky to work with some awesome brands over the years; here are some of the folks who have either featured my work or partnered with me for a project:

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Aside from this blog, I also run an interior design biz called The Room Kit. I specialize in the mix of high style and affordability, helping clients in the greater Chicagoland area create a home that’s as beautiful as it is attainable. For folks who don’t live in the Windy City, I also take on a handful of virtual design clients and transform spaces via email.

When I’m not parked in front of the computer or helping clients choose throw pillows, I’m either reading, watching reality TV, or wondering when I can get my next plate of nachos. My favorite books are Harry Potter. If you want to learn even MORE, here’s an A to Z Book Survey, that one time we went to Europe, and some thoughts being an introvert.

Questions? Hit me up via email: paige [dot] ronchetti [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also find me on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.


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