House Tour: The Dogtrot

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front of house

This cute little house is something called a dogtrot–two separate living areas connected by a screened porch. These are more popular in the south, where it’s 9 million degrees in the summer, and the idea was that everybody could convene out there to escape the agony of a house without air conditioning. What I DON’T understand is why this is raised to far off the ground. Does it stay cooler? Are they on a flood plain? Is it for maximizing a view? There’s no garage, so maybe they’re just parking the car under the house?

Mysteries of the exterior notwithstanding, this would be a great place to live:



Yaaaaaas. That is a great use of space AND an excellent place to throw a party. That’s actually how I gauge the success of a smaller house like this one: is it little enough for my lazy self to maintain, yet still big enough for company? Boom. Winner.


Helping the room feel airy are the vaulted ceilings and mega-sized windows. If you look at the standard door to the right, and then over to the windows on the left, you’ll see they’re about 8′ tall.

And what’s that? Is that a familiar shoulder and ear peeking out from the painting above?

BETSY COW! You sassy old girl. Nice to see you popping up in somebody’s portfolio.

betsy cow

I also dig the blue-gray trim (and doors). It feels fresh without being too trendy.


That empty wine rack is a bummer.

Let’s talk specifics. The interior square footage is about 1250, and if you add the porch it brings the total living space up to 1556. There are three bedrooms, a bunk loft, and two full bathrooms. And all of that random space under the house for your secret lair.

If you’ll pardon me sounding like a Buzzfeed article for a minute, the master bedroom is giving me ALL THE FEELS.


The happy pillows! The chest of drawers! The old leather bench! The antlers freak me out, but I know I’m in the minority with that trend. Hubsey would like them. He’d probably give them names.

One of the bathrooms. I like the basin and am jealous of the counter space.


Finally, here’s the famous porch that makes this place a dogtrot. Those doors go to additional bedrooms and the second bath, so this is also the world’s biggest hallway.


Totally cute. If I could magically live somewhere warmer, I’d also magically give myself this house. Are you into it? What’s your favorite part? Who else likes a place this size?

All pictures via Small House Swoon.

House Tour: Little and Fierce

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When I was putting together last week’s Earth Day post, I ended up on the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses site, poking around all of the designs. If you’re not familiar, they’re a company that makes building plans and blueprints for, obviously, tiny houses. I think the largest one is around 850 square feet, so they don’t mess around. I first heard about them a couple of years ago, but back then they only had renderings and floor plans on the site. Which are fine, I know how to look at those, but I like seeing REAL houses. Even if they’re just snooze-y model homes, I like to check out an actual space. (Visual learner, ahoy.)

Anyway, somebody granted my wish and sent in pictures of their GLORIOUS little cottage. I was initially going to share one of the pictures during Pinterest Picks, but then I decided a full-on house tour was in order. All pictures are from this interview via At Home Arkansas.

Don’t mind me, I’m just squeaking with glee at my screen. High ceiling. Beams. Natural light. White kitchen. ALL THE THINGS.

Before my brain short-circuits from cuteness, I have to tell you that this adorable slice of heaven is only 557 square feet, but doesn’t feel cramped.

My favorite thing about the whole cottage is the normal-sized kitchen. Our old condo was bigger than this (840 square feet), but our kitchen was smaller. Seriously, this place has a lot of storage.

Okay, now that I’m thinking about it, the banquette is also tied for first place. Not only is it a smart way to get more seating in the room, but it’s loaded up with pillows to make it a cozy hangout spot that feels more like a couch.

I bring up the whole couch situation because this chair and a half is the only non-table seating. The floor plan is at the end of the post and you’ll see there’s not a ton of room for anything else, so putting that banquette in the corner was a good fix for the where-will-the-company-sit problem.

You know wallpaper is not my favorite thing, but I actually like it here on the entryway ceiling. I’ve always wanted to do a row of hooks like that somewhere, too.

This is one of the two(!) bedrooms. That looks like a double bed, but the other one is big enough to fit a queen. (There aren’t any pictures of it, tragically. Nor the bathroom.)

The adorable front yard…

…and the charming back yard. The pops of orange on the doors are nice.

The one change this homeowner made was to the loft. Instead of having a big one go all the way across the main living area, she did an enclosed section above the front bedroom for storage and an open area above the kitchen that seems to be a little den. (There weren’t any good shots of it, so I’m just spitballing here.) Having that really high ceiling tricks your eyeballs and makes you think the space is bigger.

Living in a house this small obviously won’t work for everyone, but I could see it being awesome if you’re single or a couple without kids. Heck, I even think a family of three could rock this because the space is used so well.

What do you think? Could you ever downsize into something so little? And what about the decor? I’m digging the white walls and colorful everything else. What other kinds of house tours do you want me to cover? This was fun and I might make it a regular thing.