Fall Weddings

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just get the urge to make something DIFFERENT. As much as I love all of my client work and assorted DIY projects around Casa Ronchetti, I know myself and I’ll get burned out if I don’t let my creativity wander around without a leash. So–weddings!

fall wedding

bridal gown  //  bouquet  //  ring  //  thank you cards  //  hair comb  //  place cards  //  bridesmaid dress  //  necklace

Nevermind that I’ve been married for six years and our wedding took place on hot July day. I like the fall, and if I ever get to hop into my imaginary time machine for a do-over, I’d probably scoot the day into the September-October range. (Fun fact: we actually considered Halloween 2009, but the date didn’t work well for my parents. Womp.) I don’t want to say that this is the EXACT theme I’d choose if I had an autumnal fete, but I do love the blush/orange color combination. With little bits of brown and dark red, it’s the perfect representation of this time of year. The weather is starting to cool off but it’s not cold, and while we’re obviously excited for fall because it’s The Best, it’s also hard to let go of summer.

If I had to pick a favorite here, I think it’s the wedding gown. No! The ring. Both. I also think it’s funny that the place card holders feature the same rhinestone buttons I frequently used to make glitzy hair pins in my jewelry shop days. Ah, memories.

What stuff do you make just because you feel like it? Anybody else poke around the wedding section on Etsy and end up with a mood board? Who had a fall wedding? Please tell me all about it.

Pinterest Picks

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Dudes, I am under the weather. Hubsey is, too. We’re not sure if some other passenger on his business trip breathed their sickness onto him, or if a rogue person at the fabric store left sneeze particles in the air for me, but either way, we’ve been struck down and it’s sad times at Casa Ronchetti. There will be a lot of tea and orange juice and general blobbing around today, so I thought I’d try to cheer us up with a happy batch of Pinterest Picks.

First of all, I’m about 30 seconds away from buying this cow painting. It’s shown in another blogger’s house below, but I have the tab for Kirkland’s open and I just keep staring. The Kirk named her Betsy, which is fine, I can keep that. It’s always hard to re-name a pet, anyway. Think about how great Betsy would look above MEGA DESK! Her rainbow face would be like, “Paige, I love that thing you’re sewing,” and I’d be all motivated to keep churning out sets of napkins. SEE? I need a cow.

abstract cow


Speaking of cows, this purse isn’t made of one. It’s vegan leather and comes in two other colors–black and tan–if gray isn’t your favorite handbag option.

vegan leather purse


Do you carry a notebook around? I do. Not anything huge, but a little something I can toss into my purse and take notes with clients, keep track of birthdays, whatever. I dig this tutorial for customizing your own:

diy notebook


If I had the ability to zap our bathroom into a different house with different architecture, I would pick one that makes this situation possible. You had me at clawfoot tub.

black and white bathroom


Finally, if this isn’t happiness in a bowl then I don’t know what is. Quinoa and black bean salad that’s so excited to be eaten that it’s practically winking at us:

quinoa salad


What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to rest today and then do an (early) birthday dinner for Hubsey tomorrow. And we have to hang the painting! It’s done! Tutorial and much eye candy coming on Monday. Are you doing anything fun? Who else is smitten by Betsy Cow?

Shop Update

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Now that my sewing machine is more of a friend than a foe, I get all sorts of excited to make things. I’ve been meaning to increase the ol’ shop inventory for a while now, and since JoAnn has been KILLING IT with the fabric sales lately, I took that as a sign from the universe and set myself up with a nice hoard. Maybe you saw this picture on Instagram the other day:

pillow fabrics

All of those patterns, plus four more, have been made into pillow covers and are hanging out in the shop now! Throw the confetti! Insert party emoji!


Mod Dots Pillow

It’s been really fun to make a physical product for Etsy again. I do have the Room Kits listed over there (but those follow a formula) and then I added some mood boards for design consultations (which are SO FUN but they’re all digital), so this pillow party is really a throwback to my jewelry-making roots. Not that I miss the actual jewelry, per se, because I don’t, but I did miss the making itself.


Southwestern Pillow

All of them are available in 16×16 or 12×16 versions by default, but if you need another size I can obviously do that. (Yay handmade!) Eventually I’d like to get some other decor bits in there, like place mats, table runners, dish towels, etc. Is there anything you’d like to see? Specific prints? Colors? A proclamation of love for my sewing machine?


Poppy Pillow

So, that’s the big news over here in Pillow Town. I made 13 covers in about five hours, which is pretty good considering all of the cutting and pressing involved. (And then I ran out of thread like a n00b, so that slowed me down. Note to self: have more than one spool of the color you need.) What have you been making for your shop? Or your house? Or for fun? Which of these fabrics is your favorite?