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Welcome to Casa Ronchetti, our slice of 1970s split-level heaven. It became our baby in the summer of 2012 and we’ve been slowly transforming it ever since. The house was partially updated in the 90s, so although we were spared gold appliances and carpeted walls, there’s been an impressive amount of oak to wrangle. This page will get updated as I cross more things off of The List, but here’s an overview of everything we’ve done so far. You can get more info in the posts about each specific room.

Let’s start in the front! Here’s how it looked when we moved in:

exterior before

Painting out here probably should’ve been one of the first things we did because it was so easy, but it took us over a year to git ‘er done. It literally took one day and now she’s looking pretty:

exterior after

The siding is Sprig of Ivy while the front door and shutters are BlackMagic, both from Olympic. The droopy flowers in the planters are courtesy of yours truly.

Stepping into the entryway, things were a little ho-hum in there initially. This house wasn’t tragic by any means when we moved in, but there was a lot of beige-on-beige action. A cocoon of neutrals, if you will:

entry before

I wanted some contrast, so I used the leftover Black Magic from the exterior and put it on the inside of the door. And, you know, added a rug and some artwork:

entry after

The dining room was the very first space I started decorating. It’s right inside the front door so I guess I figured I should start there and corral guests in the pretty room until more of the house was done? It’s kind of what happened. Here’s how it looked the day we moved in:

dining before

A bit snooze-y, and I wasn’t a fan of the red curtains. I also hate the shag carpet but we still haven’t done anything about that. Despite the bummer flooring situation, the room is looking a lot cuter these days:

dining room

dining room2

Hey, plate wall! You’re super! We’re only about 50% done in here, since we’re DEFINITELY ripping that carpet out and throwing it into a fire, plus I’d like to paint the walls and get one large painting to go over the piano.

I’m really proud of the kitchen. From day one, I wanted to paint the cabinets white. I’ve always wanted a white kitchen and since this house is cursed with teensy little windows and a lot of mature trees, it’s kind of a cave in here. We needed some white wood to bounce that precious light around:

kitchen before

See what I mean? The oak just sucked the light right out of the room. Well, NO MORE:


table update

kitchen after

I painted the cabinets, bulkhead, and chair rail with Benjamin Moore Advance in plain white. Totally un-tinted, because when I say this house needs some brightness, you better give me the whitest paint you have. So far these fixes are Phase 1–eventually I’d like to get a new backsplash and counter tops, but for now it’s good to go.

THE BASEMENT! This was out first major room overhaul and I’m still so excited about it that I use caps lock a year later. Take a good look at this before picture, really let it soak into your eyeballs, because it doesn’t even look like the same room anymore:

basement before


Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

We had a crazy storm about 9 months after we moved in and this room flooded, which is was what moved the makeover to the top of the list. We probably could’ve saved the yellow carpet if we really wanted to, but we didn’t, so in went some laminate and I busted out more of the Benjamin Moore Advance for the built-ins.

The main bathroom was our most recent “big redo” if you want to call it that. Here’s how things were looking in there after I painted the walls:

bath before1

Again, nothing totally horrific, but there was some weirdness going on with the purple-veined countertop, tall skinny mirror, dark grout lines, etc. We did most of the work in one weekend, and now I’m so happy when I’m in there I’m half expecting a choir of angels to start crooning in my ear.

bath after1

bath after2

Scooting down the hall to the master bedroom, this was a weird  mishmash of things until I sat down and made a plan. I was kind of throwing bedding styles around willy-nilly until I realized that the weird thing happening in there was the inherited wall color from the previous owners. Here’s how it looked before:

master bed before

See? That beige was a thorn in my side for a while. But here’s how it looks now with new paint and accessories. Yay!

DIY abstract art

DIY abstract art

master bed3

The other bedroom we’ve managed to complete is the guest room. It sat empty for three years, because I’m totally on top of things, and then sat empty for another several months after we threw a mishmash of furniture into it:

our guest room before

Look away! And look at how much prettier it is now:

Small Guest Room Makeover

Small Guest Room

Small Guest Room Makeover

Things never stay the same around here for long, so this page will be constantly updated. Up next: pictures of the deck (which used to be a sunroom!). Technically I already HAVE pictures of that, but they’re not the greatest so I’m taking fresh ones. Whee!

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